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Pompeii was born from the idea of four friends who decided to sell trainers in the street markets of Spain. Four years later they continue with the same dream but living it in a big way. At L'illa Diagonal you will find all Pompeii's designs. You will also discover their environmentally conscious and committed production. They take care of every single one of their shoes: simplicity, details, colour and timelessness. That is what defines their designs.  

At Pompeii we believe that our shops have to be more than just a place where you can buy our shoes. In our mind, the shops have to be a space where you can come together to be part of our journey. Don't you feel like taking a pair of slippers with you? Sit down and browse through a book. Look for details on the shelves. Lose yourself in a mural. You're in charge (of almost everything)


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