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Since it was founded in 1853, WMF has been the German benchmark for top quality household goods. From knives to fast cookers, our product range includes everything you need for a perfectly equipped kitchen. WMF at L'illa Diagonal provides you with the ideal utensils for preparing, cooking and tasting your recipes.

From the very first moment, WMF is committed to providing perfect enjoyment and culinary art. Responsibility can be seen and felt in all kitchen utensils, as well as in the kitchen itself. From the very beginning, WMF has been deeply committed to gourmet moments and perfect cooking. This commitment is reflected in all kitchen items, as well as in the cutlery and crockery that dress up the table and that have been praised so many times. WMF products have been, and continue to be, distinguished with the most prestigious design awards, but not only for their good looks. Functionality is also key to the development of our pots and pans. For this reason, established developments such as Cromargan® come into play, together with the latest innovations that make for a laborious and fun kitchen.

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