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Ándele is a Mexican restaurant where you can find a lot of dishes and beverages from the country. You can taste its gastronomy and its culture with an authentic taste of Mexico at l'Illa Diagonal in Barcelona. 

Ándele opened its doors in 2000 in Barcelona with the idea of importing a Mexican gastronomy. It soon became a benchmark. In 2004 it opened its restaurant in the Shopping Mall l'Illa Diagonal where it included a shop of Mexican products from a wide variety. The largest selection of tequilas, sauces, and chilies, as well as fresh products, packaged and prepared dishes. Ándele is a  place to taste spicy and tasty flavors and to enjoy with family, friends, your other half or alone.

Visit the best 100% Mexican cuisine and the largest shop of Mexican products in Spain. Dare to taste the enchiladas and travel to Mexico without having to take a plane. They don't only serve you a plate of food but also a cultural concept. Get to know Mexico's culture, its atmosphere, its people in Àndele restaurant from l'Illa Diagonal ¡The pure essence of México in I'Illa!

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