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Aristocrazy is a jewelry brand that was born in 2010 by the hand of one of the descendants of the Suarez family, with a concept based on quality, exclusivity, design, and perfection. Juan Suarez, belonging to the third generation, is who wanted to combine the design of handcrafted jewelry with sophistication at affordable prices

Aristocrazy has managed to cross borders and reach every corner of the world, regardless of the type of jewelry and the tastes of each woman: we can find everything from the most classic jewelry to truly innovative pieces. It is a leading brand of Hight-End Jewelry, with a history to tell and the possibility that all women can access this type of piece.

The creation process uses the most traditional processes, achieving unique pieces with personality. Among the materials used are noble materials, such as 18 kt gold, sterling silver, and natural precious stones; diamonds, rubies, sapphires, spinels, etc., also incorporating 18 kt gold-plated sterling silver.

Within the collection you can get the best jewelry: from earrings to bracelets, not forgetting rings and pendants. Everything that any woman would want to have in her jewelry box, at very affordable prices, but with the guarantee of the highest quality. You can also get the best watches, diamond collection and even perfumes, completely closing the concept of luxury and exclusivity. 

One of the most interesting points is that Aristocrazy also has a piercing studio, being the first Spanish jewelry brand to make first-class piercings with 18 KT gold earrings. A safe and luxury option to make your earrings and to start making your collection of pieces with personality.



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