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Buenas Migas from the Illa Diagonal shopping centre in Barcelona is a place where Focaccias, our speciality, is offered. The focaccia, a homemade bread of Genovese origin, is an original recipe from the old Carmine oven. We offer breakfasts based on toast with a great variety of jams, sweet focaccia, yoghurt and juices. There are focaccias all day with condiments to satisfy all tastes. To accompany Focaccia you'll find a variety of salads, pasta, vegetable cakes... For dessert? Would you like an explosive chocolate bomb or a carrot cake? We have English Bakery cakes, very Italian desserts such as mascarpone and walnut tart and a wide assortment of teas, coffees... A simple Focaccia with a glass of white wine Never fails!

We want to offer healthy, home-made products. That's why we use high quality products and avoid preservatives, colorants and stabilizers.  


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