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The store eseOese represents being natural; that is the essence of the brand. The eseOese woman, above all, feels good about herself. We propose a timeless elegance and we mix trends because it amuses us, but what always prevails is the freedom to choose that which is favorable above all fashion trends. We are inspired by the women around us: our friends, sisters, partners, … essentially real women. For example, if we see a girl with a look that we likeat the cinema, the next day all the design team will be talking about her. 

The eseOese shop in l'Illa Diagonal has the essence that conforms our DNA, the importance we give to comfort and quality is also present (we try on the garments ourselves before giving an ok and we wash all the garments to prevent any surprises with the measurements). Our feminine, bohemian and chic style, coexists with our casual, hippy and free spirit, (We want to escape to an island). All of this mixed with a lot of savoir-faire is what creates Oese. It also distinguishes itself for designing, producing and caring for all of its garments. In adittion, 80% of  the production takes place in Spain.

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