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Fnac de l'Illa Diagonal de Barcelona offers the best technology products, electronics, books, music and much more. Fnac is a shop that not only serves to buy because it also offers exhibitions and activities for all types of the public for free. 
Fnac was created in France in 1954 as the first European distributor of cultural leisure products. It is a unique example of an alliance between commerce and culture that aims to give its customers the most information to help them in their choice. It currently has more than 150 establishments in 9 countries. 
Moreover, faithful to its commitment to culture, Fnac is one of the most important cultural agitators in the country, with permanent support for artistic creation through more than 300 cultural activities a year, two projects to discover new creators and a monthly photographic exhibition. 
Every day, writers, filmmakers, musicians, critics, etc. pass through the Forum, the nerve center of artistic creation, from the most dedicated authors to young talents. Open to all artistic and technological disciplines, the forum is, in short, a multidisciplinary, open and plural space where all artistic trends can be accommodated.

This establishment offers its clients advantages for parking in L'Illa Diagonal. Consult conditions in the shop Join the Fnac membership club! 

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