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The Fotoprix shop on the Diagonal beach in Barcelona is a photography shop. This shop offers you photo prints, digital albums, ID / Passport, finished photos and all kinds of photographic material. It has urgent printing in 5 minutes to print copies of mobile, camera or digital file. Finished photo service on canvas, mug, puzzle, cushion and more than 100 personalized - quality printing!

Fotoprix also has a digital printing service with a variety of products such as calendars, magazines, brochures and invitations. Laboratory with VHS, Video8, Hi8, Super8 to DVD tape transfer service. 

Fotoprix was born in 1981 in the Ensanche of Barcelona with only 20m2. Over the years it has become a brand that has had to adapt to the analogical change to digital with the appropriate industrial machinery. Its basic principles are transparency and veracity. 

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