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Since the very first polo was created in 1933, Lacoste relies on its authentic sports heritage to spring optimism and elegance on the world thanks to a unique and original lifestyle for women, men and children.

At the juncture of sport and fashion, Lacoste frees us up, creates movement in our lives, and liberates our self-expression. In every collection, in every line, Lacoste’s timeless elegance is captured through a combination of the creative and the classic. Since its beginnings, the crocodile’s aura has grown more powerful with every generation who has worn it, becoming a rallying sign beyond style. Passed from country to country, from one generation to the next, from one friend to another, Lacoste pieces become imbued with an emotional connection that raises them to the status of icons.
The Lacoste elegance - both universal and timeless - brings together a large community, in which everyone respects and recognizes each other's values and differences

LACOSTE is an international brand from MF Brands Group, established in 98 countries, throughout a network of 1100 shops.
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Lacoste in Barcelona

Lacoste in Barcelona can be found in the L'illa Diagonal shopping centre. It offers men's, women's and children's fashion collections.  Timeless quality clothing that exudes great elegance. It also has a wide range of footwear accessories, home textiles, fragrances and watches. 

You'll also find their iconic polo shirt available in a wide variety of colours, cuts and sizes - choose the one you like best! 

And if you're up for it, you can personalise your polo shirt and bag thanks to the service available at the L'illa Diagonal shop. 

Today it is still one of the most emblematic brands and now you can find it in L'illa Diagonal. We are waiting for you! 


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