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Lush Cosmetics is a shop that sells fresh handmade cosmetics. We believe in creating effective products made out of organic fruits and vegetables, the purpose is to create the best essential and synthetically safe oils. We are against animal testing so we buy all of our ingredients in an ethical way. Also, all of our products are either vegan or vegetarian. We offer samples of our stock in all of our stores so that our clients can see and test our products for themselves. In addition, we have various charitable projects as a way of helping to create a better world.

Find our Lush Cosmetics stores in the shopping center l'Illa Diagonal in Barcelona. Don-t hesitate to try all of our products. And remember that all of them carry the expiring date in the package and an image of the person who elaborated the product. In Lush we value people and workers. Finally, remember that the perfect product for your skin is a natural one.


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