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Mango is expanding its Kids line. The Barcelona-based company is targeting children and teenagers, specifically young people aged 15 and over. Mango aims to develop fresh collections aimed at generation Z.

The new line is immersed in the innovation of the digital era to promote the creation of content through the creation of ''striking and impactful spaces''.

Mango teen arrives at L'illa

After opening several pop up shops in cities such as Madrid, Seville and Valencia, Mango teen arrives in L'illa. Mango teen arrives at L'illa Diagonal Barcelona. The Mango shop for young people opens its shop in our shopping centre.

Mango teen is its clothing line specialising in teenage fashion. Find the best clothes and accessories for young people aged 15 and over. Its shops are charming, each one has a unique colour range, use the hashtag #mangoteen and tell us about your experience on social media!

Discover now at L'illa Diagonal all the other shops you have at your fingertips and enjoy your shopping day!


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