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Natural elegance and lifestyle meet authentic, timeless and ready-to-wear jewellery to create the PDPAOLA universe. Style consciousness and distinctive quality form the essence of who we are, a carefully curated fashion brand that joins contemporary women on their ever-changing journey that joins contemporary women on their ever-changing journey.

We strive to exceed expectations by creating unique and on-trend jewellery, coupled with exceptional design, expertise and an aspirational brand identity.

PdPaola is a women's jewellery brand that seeks to bring out the genuine essence of each of its customers. You can find all their jewellery on the -1 floor of L'illa Diagonal.

Their products are made with 925 sterling silver, 18 carat gold, brass, semi-precious stones and zirconia. All these materials undergo quality controls so that each piece is unique and shines on its own.

In PdPaola's shop in Barcelona you can enjoy her delicate products such as rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Their collections are simple and inspired by women, zodiac symbols and nature. You can also create your own jewellery with customisable lettering and unique engravings.

So, if you are looking for jewellery in Barcelona, this is an elegant gift for a special occasion. PdPaola is the perfect place to go for it. Their fine jewellery collection is the most exclusive and where you will find diamonds and 18 carat solid gold. The delicacy and elegance of their jewellery will captivate you.

This brand seeks to combine serenity, trust and complicity between women to offer a product of great value that makes the essence of its customers shine. In addition, they work to be sustainable and that all their materials are extracted in a fair way.

Shine inside and out with PdPaola

Their story began in 2014, when Paola and Humbert, siblings, created this brand to offer modern women a jewellery brand in Barcelona that they could identify with. In this way, their jewellery accompanies the day-to-day of the different roles that women play.

They currently have several shops all over Catalonia and are constantly growing. Come to PdPaola in Barcelona at L'illa Diagonal to discover all their products. And remember that you have many more services at your disposal!


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