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Thomas Sabo is a jewelry shop that you can find in l'Illa Diagonal. This brand is part of a company with international presence, that is located at the head of the jewelry segment. It designs and markets jewelry, watches and beauty products for men and women who are fashion lovers. All with its exclusive DNA that makes the brand unique and different.

The store combines the quality of the materials with unique details that make the difference. It has an aesthetic and a unique design based on skulls, knots, and bracelets. We continue to captivate new clients from all over the world thanks to our new collections that radiate luminosity. Enjoy Thomas Sabo at l'Illa Diagonal and you will be captivated by our jewels, watches and beauty products.

Founded in 1984 by Thomas Sabo in southern Germany in Lauf an der Pegnitz, the company has 312 stores in five continents and around 1,860 employees. Thomas Sabo also cooperates worldwide with around 2,800 business partners as well as major airlines and cruise lines. 

Thomas Sabo is known for its Sterling Silver collection and Charm Club. Twice a year a new collection of women's jewellery is launched on beach 925 and 750 pink or yellow gold. 


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